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Pastor Raymond teaches verse by verse thru a book of the Bible.  Occasionally he will teach topically on a holiday or a special occasion.  May God open your mind to understanding as you hear His Word being taught.

We have been having tecnical difficiulty's with the sound system lately so we have not been able to record.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We have an appointment August 1st to see what the problem is so hopefully we can get it up and running soon so please keep checking back.  


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04/08/2018Pastor Raymond Abraham Justified By Faith
Romans 4:1
040818.mp4 Download 040818.mp4
05/06/2018Pastor Raymond Abraham's Justification Explained Again
Romans 4:12
050618.mp4 Download 050618.mp4
04/15/2018Pastor Raymond Abraham: Justified By Faith
Romans 4:4-5
041518.mp4 Download 041518.mp4
05/17/2015Pastor Raymond Church's Ministry to Body of Believers
1 Timothy 5:11-16
Download 051715.mp3
05/03/2015Pastor Raymond Church's Ministry to the Body
1 Timothy 5:5-7
Download 050315.mp3
06/03/2018Pastor Raymond Declared Righteous
Romans 4:22-25
060318.mp4 Download 060318.mp4

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